The editorial Let It Rain was published in Shadows and Light Magazine!

It was a dull, grey day. It had been pouring down for several days with no signs to end. So Alexandra and I did the only logical thing we could do; We snuck outside and had a blast goofing around in the rain! The result was piles of wet clothing, sore muscles from all the laughing, and the photo set Let It Rain.


Published in Shadows and Light Magazine 2018
My photographs featured in Shadows and Light Magazine.
Tear sheet courtesy of © Shadows and Light Magazine.


After spending a moment testing me to make sure that I was actually serious in my suggestion to spend the afternoon outside jumping in puddles, Alexandra dressed up in record speed and was soon ready to venture our rainy backyard. There was only one problem – my camera was not waterproof! Being just a cheap (but highly loved!) entry level camera, it was devoid of any form of weather seal or other water safety measures. The challenge was however easily met by wrapping a torn freezer bag around the body of the camera. Not the most exclusive camera accessory, but with Christmas still being such a long time away, it would have to do.


The content page of Shadows and Light Magazine #8 – We’re on page 51!
The content page of Shadows and Light Magazine #8 – We’re on page 51!


Armed with umbrellas and freezer bags, we were ready to take on the backyard! The plastic bag worked much better than I had expected and kept my gear mostly dry and safe. But one problem I hadn’t anticipated was the lack of light. Everything was so dark with the heavy, grey rain clouds dominating the sky, and it was hard without a flash to keep the shutter speed high enough to capture all the jumps and splashes and water drops coming my way.


Alexandra was beyond extatic to not only be allowed, but actually encouraged to jump, sit and splash at everything she saw. At one point she was literally rolling in a puddle. She was so happy it made me wonder why I don’t let her do such things all the time. Her joy truly reflected back at me, despite trying to keep myself at a camera’s length away from the puddles and splashes. I was reminded of why we don’t usually do such things though once we went back inside. Drenched to the bone, it was a pain to remove all the sand which had found its way into every single article of clothing she had been wearing. Still, totally worth it!

The resulting photo set was published in Shadows and Light Magazine, Issue #8 Fall 2018: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.
I’m thrilled to have my work yet again featured in their beautiful magazine! This shoot was so much fun to make, and it wasn’t even our messiest one yet; Last year’s shoot with the flour, on the other hand… I still occasionally find traces from it when least expecting it!

You can buy a copy of Shadows and Light “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” here:


Shadows and Light, The Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Issue

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